The negative impacts of the pandemic hitting under 35s the hardest, left NatWest on the back foot. Life was on pause. An entire generation - paralysed. So, NatWest rebranded and launched with a campaign that inspires action. ‘What You Waiting For’ launched with a bang on Tik Tok. It used the famous track of the same name and featuring creators achieving their goals. Which inspired others to do the same. It was the first ever hashtag challenge for a UK bank and in the first 6 days the campaign had over 100 million engagements. NatWest even trended on TikTok for the first time ever with #NatWestWhatYouWaitingFor gaining 6 billion views and counting (which is crazy).

Directed by Freddie Powell
Photography by Tom Van Schelven
Made with Loui Bowes
CCO Micky Tudor

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